Little does she know, there’s another girl who also has the power of song named finis. Lost Song is a musical fantasy series produced by Liden Films in collaboration with Dwango and Mages. It features musician Konomi Suzuki as Rin and voice actress Yukari Tamura as Finis. If you are a hardcore anime fan, this is one of the sites you would love to visit.

  • While she used her firebending less after returning home, she did demonstrate her abilities a few times, such as when she used her firebending to give extra propulsion to a kuai ball during a game, creating an explosion.
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  • On the day of the NightKids/RedSuns battle, Itsuki and Takumi head to Myogi in the Eight-Six so that they can watch the race.

While working to complete this mission ahead of her 15th birthday, alongside her shinma companion, Larva, Miyu puzzles out exactly who and what she is—memories that she has no way of exploring in her present state. Culling set pieces, costumes, and concepts from traditional Japanese folklore, Vampire Princess Miyu makes for a spooky and elegant watch. Mononoke doesn’t have to do much to unsettle you; its distinct visual style should be enough to reach out and pull you in. While evocative of traditional Japanese artwork and the Edo period, it hides some truly spooky story arcs that follow a character known as the Medicine Seller. Similar toMushi-shi, this visually arresting series follows the protagonist as he deals with strange spirits, here known as “mononoke,” which can only be felled with a special sword. Even so, the story surrounding them is enough to keep you glued to your seat.

Dungeons & Dragons: How To Build The Perfect School Of Enchantment Wizard

Landing atop one another, Jellal states that Erza is right, and Erza begins to cry, saying that she thought she’d never see him again. Remembering all of the events they have been through, the two lean in and almost kiss, but Jellal suddenly pulls away at the last second, stating he has a fiancée. The two apologize to each other awkwardly before Erza asks if the said fiancée is important to him.

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Ep 21 Saint Elmo’s Fire

Whether Halloween is right around the corner or you just feel like watching something extra freaky, we’ve rounded up the most spine-tingling, terrifying anime shows out there. Grab a blanket, because you’re about to take a deep dive into the best horror anime series of all time. In their room, Wing thanks Killua for looking after Zushi last night. Killua lies to Gon that someone called Killua on the phone saying his friend fell asleep on Heavens Arena’s main entrance. Then, Killua asks Wing to let him see Hisoka’s match again, as he can do Gyo.

Before the others can question her further, she collapses, worrying the group. Deciding that they can’t leave her, the group decides to take her with them as they escape and send up a flare to inform everyone else in Fairy Tail that they have Lucy. Later, Natsu and the rest of the rescue team search for a way out.